Green Initiatives

SWS is committed to hosting environmentally responsible meetings and has selected the Puerto Rico Convention Center because of the active role this venue takes to incorporate green practices in the facility management.

The Puerto Rico Convention Center places a great deal of attention on maintaining a clean environment and promoting green practices. The Green Program Committee, a cross section of PRCC employees, is committed to discover and implement new methods to achieve sustainability and environmental responsibility. Under their leadership, the PRCC began to implement an extensive recycling program, energy and water conservation and several other green initiatives for the benefit of the employees, clients, visitors, suppliers and nearby community. 

Energy Efficiency
  • Abundant natural lighting in our lobby areas.
  • Programmable lighting system allows lighting levels to be at 50% during events move-in and move-out, and 100% during event hours.
  • Building lighting has been converted from incandescent light to energy efficient compact fluorescent light.
  • Schedule escalators operation to event needs.
  • Energy Star equipment.
  • Efficient and well maintained HVAC system to minimize energy waste.
Water Conservation
  • Restrooms have low-flow toilets. 
  • Motion sensor sinks & soap dispensers
  • Water fountain use and recycle water from the San Juan Bay
Waste Reduction
  • The PRCC provides recycling receptacles in public areas, to collect paper, plastic and aluminum. 
  • Internal recycling program in place for plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard. 
  • Other recycle products include: kitchen oil, light bulbs, wood pallets, toners and ink.
  • Event Managers can coordinate special recycling needs for individual events.
  • Catering - Option for china instead of paper products is encouraged. Water station options available vs. water bottles. Option of bulk condiments. No Styrofoam in the F&B operation.